Selecting Ideas for action

After intense opportunity mapping of the whole system, we had to short list to decide the areas we wanted to take up and work on. We decided to map the impact of each opportunity against: Initial impact Impact overtime Feasibility Interest Role of design Collaboration scope Self sustainability Scalability   Above is the mapped chart, […]

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Ideas, Segregation of Ideas

After an extensive research phase we had a exercise to list down ideas for possible interventions. We started out by random listing of of ideas based on our research and synthesis of it. The aim of this step 1 was to create a idea bank which could be further used individually or combined together to […]

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Visit to Manav Sadhana

Established in 1995, Manav Sadhana is a non-profit organisation which works for the betterment of slums and low income communities in Ahmedabad. It is located in Ganshi Ashram. During our visit to Manav Sadhana, to visit Jagat bhai, an activist and a crucial member of the organisation, we were welcomed at the gate by children […]

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Age-Socio-Economic Study

From our study, we realized that a lot of parameters lead to a child committing a crime, in order to understand the influence of these parameters , we went ahead to plot a timeline of a child as he/she progresses and at every stage how a child changes according to the various influences he/she has. […]

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