Meeting with various stakeholders

As a part of our initial research, for the better understanding of Juvenile Justice System   ( JJS ), we conducted a series of visits to understand the different elements of the system. It gave a realistic insight in the operation of the system at various levels and what role each one majorly plays.   Meeting […]

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Choosing a topic

Saint Augustine of Hippo, an early Christian philosopher, once stated, ‘Punishment is justice for the unjust’. Hurt by the infliction of punitive measures on law offenders, he recognized that while punishment my not be the best reaction to law offending, some system to prevent further crimes from occurring must be in place. Our interest in this […]

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How it started ?

Understanding System mapping Before we get introduced to the wickedness of the “systems”, we were divided into small groups to understand mapping of existing “Socio-technical systems”. “Socio-technical systems (STS)  refers to the interaction between society’s complex infrastructures and human behaviour. In this sense, society itself, and most of its substructures, are complex socio-technical systems.” Above is […]

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