Visit to Khanpur Observation Home

On our quest of understanding the juvenile justice system, we now stepped into Khanpur observation home, literally across the wall of the juvenile justice board. The moment you step in its a completely different experience altogether.

Khanpur observation home is a transit point for the accused juvenile. the juvenile is inside the observation home while the inquiry and the Social Investigation Report (SIR) are in the process. in this period of inquiry, the accused juvenile is kept inside the observation home.

The moment you step in its clearly a different environment from the outside world. the capacity of the Khanpur observation home is 18. Initially being a home to both for CNCP and CCL. Now the room for CNCP serves the purpose of mass gathering and an indoor space to play games.

Interaction with the staff

A brief talk with the home superintendent Mr. Mehul Patel;

While in talks with Mr. Mehul, it was very evident that the staff of Khanpur observation shares a special bond with the kids inside. During our talk, some interesting things were found.

The Khanpur observation home not only serves as a place to keep the children inside under inquiry but in the meantime, they also expose children to various vocational training. the juvenile delinquents are given exposure to an electrical course, cooking course, and tailoring. The juveniles have a curriculum to train them in being a self-sustaining business, a juvenile who is interested in cooking is taught the very basic from the cooking to set up the stall and the basic mathematics required to effectively price and the food.

The observation home has its own set curriculum :


On further talking, we got to know about the addition of a visiting counselor to the team of Khanpur. She is an experienced counselor currently being a permanent member of the Baroda Observation Home.

Talking to the counselor.

We very lucky to meet Harsha ma’am, she was very kind to share her insights on the children and what might have triggered them to be the juvenile delinquents. One of the major concern for her was parenting and the other was the peer group. She also mentioned that as we move deep inside rural India the further we dig deep the bigger the problem is. Often the children are actually used as a source of income. At an early stage when these children are exposed to such a harsh environment they develop a very explosive and volatile self-identity. These children are most prone to committing a crime.

One of her feedback was that if we want to eradicate the juvenile delinquency we have to bring a change in this rural landscape we need to make the parents and the peers aware.

Also a very interesting initiative was taken by the authorities of the Khanpur observation home. In order to impart a sense of achievement to children, they have opened their doors to orders. They now are taking orders for items that can be made by the children inside the observation home as a part of their vocational training.

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