Selecting Ideas for action

After intense opportunity mapping of the whole system, we had to short list to decide the areas we wanted to take up and work on.
We decided to map the impact of each opportunity against:

  1. Initial impact
  2. Impact overtime
  3. Feasibility
  4. Interest
  5. Role of design
  6. Collaboration scope
  7. Self sustainability
  8. Scalability


Impact mapping chart

Above is the mapped chart, the top 10 opportunities were then taken up to expand further and prepare an action plan.

Brainstorming and Action plan

Each of the opportunities selected were then expanded and a tentative action plan was brainstormed to realize the possibility of the solution.


The selected opportunities were targeting different parts of the system.
It is important to target the system taking accommodation of different stakeholders to bring about a significant positive change in the system.
After considering all the challenges and impact these opportunities can bring about, we shortlisted 5 deliverables to work upon.


Shortlisted deliverables.

Selected Deliverables

  1. GIGA MAP :  Mapping of the whole system and visual representation of it with rich connections, highlighting challenges at each stage, opportunities at each stage and how our findings and solutions can bring a change in the system
  2. Website connecting Stakeholders : A platform where all the stakeholders can connect and make problems of the system visible. Also, we are giving 30 briefs to the system to solve and a donation platform to kick-start the work on these problems. The platform will also reflect the positive and effective use of the donation in all transparency.
  3. Illustrated IPC for children : Empowering children by providing legal education at school level using comic or illustrative mediums.
  4. Game for Restorative circle : Gamifying the concept of restorative circles for the children inside observation home and special homes. Restorative therapy through a game.
  5. Future Observation homes : Speculating the whole system and its framework where punishment is replaced by goals and the whole system shifts from sentence giving to goal reaching.
Prototyping  Restorative game.

Now, we are building these deliverables in a hope to put a dent in this system.

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