Visit to Manav Sadhana

Established in 1995, Manav Sadhana is a non-profit organisation which works for the betterment of slums and low income communities in Ahmedabad. It is located in Ganshi Ashram. During our visit to Manav Sadhana, to visit Jagat bhai, an activist and a crucial member of the organisation, we were welcomed at the gate by children who directed us to him. Once seated, we were fed and awarded with ‘Welcome to Manav Sadhana’ badges! The environment was truly positive!

Jagat bhai explained how the organisation believed in creating a safe and trusting environment for the children who visit their centre. Manav Sadhana has multiple community centres in Ahmedabad, which are situated in large slums. These centres act as schools and day cares for the children of the entire community. Children learn, play, work, eat and often times find solace in these centres.

At the Manav Sadhana main centre, preparations for Diwali were in full swing when we reached. In one corner a few girls were painting diyas by hand and in another smaller children were making cards. We found that this was to complete an order sent in by another company and children write their names behind the objects that they made. People, in turn, can choose to visit their profiles on the Manav Sadhana site and donate a small amount after reading their stories.

Manav Sadhana provided us with a new way of treating children as Jagat bhai told us stories of transformation that have occured within Manav Sadhana. The same module of ‘providing children with happy and loving memories’ was seen used here and it seemed to work flawlessly. The rapport that jagat bhai shared with the children was also something that could be learned.

The visit ended with the children bidding us adieu with a round of joyous ‘byes’ and we left the place, with so many more insights than what we entered with!

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