Age-Socio-Economic Study

From our study, we realized that a lot of parameters lead to a child committing a crime, in order to understand the influence of these parameters , we went ahead to plot a timeline of a child as he/she progresses and at every stage how a child changes according to the various influences he/she has. […]

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Visit to Khanpur Observation Home

On our quest of understanding the juvenile justice system, we now stepped into Khanpur observation home, literally across the wall of the juvenile justice board. The moment you step in its a completely different experience altogether. Khanpur observation home is a transit point for the accused juvenile. the juvenile is inside the observation home while […]

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Understanding the system

From the various interactions we had with different officials, it was finally time to map out the whole system of juvenile justice system India. Finally, we had sufficient data to map out the whole system according to the power hierarchy. As we started mapping the system of juvenile justice, various stakeholders started to arise, which […]

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