How the world is going about it!

As we were constantly trying to understand and intervene in the juvenile system to make it better, it was high time to look at the prevention of these crimes. We were trying to trace back to the step that actually leads to a child committing a crime.

If we map out the various crimes that were committed by juvenile delinquents in India we can broadly categorize them into :


a detailed statistical report can be seen on the following link :

Click to access Crime%20Statistics%20-%202016.pdf

If we look at the types of crimes committed a lot of the crimes are by-products of either bad parenting or bad company or substance abuse.

These challenges are being dealt with in a lot of countries such as :

  • The Leadership and Resiliency Program (LRP), Virginia
    • it focuses on increasing the perception of self-worth
    • communication and refusal skills
    • increase knowledge of negative attitude
    • increase knowledge of substance abuse and violence
  • Life Skills Training – a school-based program that targets Drug and alcohol use of adolescence
    • a school-based prevention program that targets DRUG and ALCHOHOL use in adolescence
    • target age group 12-16
    • promote anti-drug norms
    • foster development of personal, self-management and social skills.
  • National Crime Prevention Centre, Canada
    • focuses on creating solidarity between parents
    • parents potential to help the child in the home to adapt to situations (parenting skills)
    • works on 2 components-1.child components-16 meetings, focusing on problems solving
    • 2.parent component-15 meetings focusing on collaboration and parenting skills
  • SNAP – Stop Now and Plan
    • provides a framework to children and parents to teach self-control and problem solving
    • increase emotional regulations and self-control
    • reduce aggressive criminal behavior
    • method- SNAP children group: once a week
    • SNAP parents group:
    • emphasize on monitoring skills and child management
  • National Indian Youth Leadership Project (NIYLP)
    • focuses on substance abuse
    • engage youth in positive projects
    • develope leadership quality
    • decision-making skills
  • Kwanlin Dun First Nation Healthy Families Program (KDFN)
    • home visits
    • pregnant women encouraged to join counseling after 3 months of pregnancy
    • trust and relationship building
    • parents personal development and skills
    • dealing with issues like drinking and family violence

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